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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

New remix - Mr Beasley remixes Notes Floats

Love Our Records presents Mr Beasley’s remix of Notes Floats.

Notes Floats has been supplied a splendid new beat by the bass loving Mr Beasley. After completing a European tour with his vocalist Sarah Johns (Cool Fun) supporting Robyn. Mr B got back to his home, where he has been laying down some tasty remixes for The Cutler, Skaters and now our very own Notes Floats.

Check out our original release of ‘There Ya Go’ plus remixes from Kev La Kat and Black Dots -> https://love-our-records.bandcamp.com/album/notes-floats-there-ya-go

Mr Beasley on Soundcloud -> https://soundcloud.com/mrbeasley

Monday, December 24, 2012

Happy Xmas - Present Time!


Happy Christmas to everybody! To Celebrate the festive time, we have put together a present for you. Here is everything we have released in 2012 for free , in one handy download! If you download this please could you tell a mate, twitter it, play us loud in your car with the windows down , or share us in any way you can think of becuase its the only way we can grow and reach a wider audience! 

Here is the link! 

To Download everything we have released in 2012 -> click here <-

Thanks for a great year especially to BBC Radio 1, Kick Kick Snare, The Residents Assciation, Funkywormhole, The Get Dowwwn, The Sound Of Confusion, Punch Magazine, SalaciousSound, Soundcloud, Tumblr, Tom Excell, Steve Cobby, Porky, Fruit, Welly, Shinobi Crew, Shaky the Robot, The Aspects, Bestival, Beach Break Live, Humber Street Sesh, BBC Introducing Team, The DaDaDa, Repeat Button, Troysnoise, The New Adelphi, Stew Baxter, Eddie Alfaro and everyone who has helped us reach new listeners!! We Love You

Special mention to Cp for all the hard work drawing lots of lovely things for us to use and putting up with noise too! 

Xmas Bundle Of Love Our Records contains …

Black Dots / Cool Fun / Drartz / Kev La Kat / Yannick / Endoflevelbaddie / Giga Herbs / Human Machine / Little Empire / Notes Floats /Butta Verses / Fast T / Little Empire / Scribbleface /Player One / Mr Equilibrium / Tom Skelly.

We are also very exited about 2013 with releases from all the regulars plus Mykie B,   

Myth! / Spy Mc and Human Machine collab with Tom Skelly , See you then! <3

To Download everything we have released in 2012 -> click here <-

Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Release : There Ya Go!

Notes Floats is back again with another winning package. Teaming up this time with Butta Verses who has recorded not once but twice with the legendary De La Soul. Texas and Florida collide in yet again a blast back to ‘92 with a little help from Love Our Records regulars Kev La Kat and Black Dots.

Kev La Kat’s remix ramps things up a notch into a sound blasting summer jam with 9 x DMC finalist Fast-t on the 1’s and 2’s whilst Black Dots strips it back again and makes a lovable cut that sounds like it belongs on “3 Feet High and Rising”.

Notes loved Black Dot’s remix sooo much , He has made a promo video directed by Eddie Alfaro with some unstop-able kneespins and some serious grooving! Notes  says “this song was inspired from many years ago when this dude was tellin me a crazy story and i was like, there ya go!”.






Thursday, June 28, 2012

Super Mega Preview! <3 

WoWZa! Things have taken off big time in 2012. BBC Radio 1 have been loving us, with Huw Stephens featuring Love Our Records in his ‘Label Of Love’ and Zane Lowe’s ‘New Hype’.

We have been getting some loving from formidable music blogs Sb.tv, Dat Piff, The Get Downnn, We Like it Indie, Hype Machine and more.

Grammy Blogger’s Kick Kick Snare love us so much that they have have asked Kev La Kat to write for them. We have also signed a whole lot of talented Djs, Rappers, Artists, bands and producers that have all been working in thier ‘Studios’ to produce the next motherload of music for Love Our Records.

So, we are only half way through the year and we are beyond hyped and ready for stage 2 of what they call 2012…

Love Our Records presents ‘Super Mega Preview’. We are so excited about all the amazing releases we have lined-up that we just couldn’t contain ourselves anymore. With a diverse and extraoridinary crew formed, collaborations, remixes and sonically amazing things have been happening all the time behind the scenes here at Love Our Records.

Most notabley the signing of New York’s ‘Giga Herbs’ and thier instant classic ‘Froggin’ has been remixed by Drartz and Kev La Kat, also a remix of Scribbleface by the 13 year old Dub-Step producer ‘Mr Equilibrium’ has left us all speechless. Bristol’s finest Hip Hop crew, ‘Aspects’ have been working with Kev La Kat and Notes Floats on some exclusive material to follow the remixes for ‘Yes Please’ & ‘Beat Tape’, which will drop soon.

The first track in ‘Super Mega Preview’ is an untitled project from Kev La Kat, Endoflevelbaddie and Yannick, and is hopefully enough to start everyone copy ‘n’ pasting us! Then Myth brings the Noise with ‘Gonna Make You Sweat’ and then Lor raises the roof with remixes from Kev La Kat and endoflevelbaddie. Notes float’s next single features De La Soul’s favourite ‘Butta Verses’ with remixes from Kev La Kat , Fast-T and Black Dots, ‘There Ya Go ft Butta Verses’ is an absolute winner!

A bass-heavy remix of Dj Shadow’s ‘Scale It Back’ featuring Little Dragon comes off good. There is One for the B-Boys and B-girls, Kev La Kat’s ‘Be a Better Boy’ will definately rock any disco-mat and a 2012 remix of ‘Rock The Disco-Tek’. Player One has been doing the rounds and hooking up with Human Machine and Drartz. All of this packed in tightly with planned singles from Cool Fun, Black Dots and Scribbleface too! The new ep from Human Machine is ready to drop, entitled ‘Future Computer’ and we see them dropping a couple of glimpses of it on this action paked ‘Super Mega Preview’.

 So if you don’t realise yet , we have grown, and it’s time to get noisy! So now is the time to get behind us and share our ‘Super Mega Preview’ to the world and help make our dream happen. <3

Love Our Record’s ‘Super Mega Preview’ contains music from Yannick, Rumble & Squeek, Mr Equilibrium, Butta Verses, Giga Herbs, Black Dots, Sccribbleface, Endoflevelbaddie, Dj Shadow, Little Dragon, Drartz, Cool Fun, Notes Floats, Fast-T, Aspects, Kev La Kat, Little Empire, Human Machine. All Music will be released on free download in the upcoming months. <3 2012