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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New Release - Black Dots


The North Sea is angry. Black, cold and beautiful. Looking east from the muddy Yorkshire cliffs, the white noise of the waves pulses like the opening and closing of a high hat. A crew-less ship sits on the horizon. Captain, won’t you help me? is the new single from Black Dots. It’s a maritime adventure set on and under the briny swell. An SOS signal from a pixelated life raft….


The Unlikely punch is now complete with ten tracks from Human Machine, Noisek, Tom Skelly, Notes Floats, HUIAS, Mykie B, Drartz, Mushtifa and Fast-T. 

 All ten tracks can be found here…

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Release - Black Dots

 Love Our Records presents the new single from Black Dots - This Stinking World (Stuck On You).

Invisible black dots in the night sky mark out the area between here and there. Have a look now, you might be able to see them… They have no mass or function or meaning, but as you search, time will pass and you will find yourself in the future. In the future it will look and feel and smell almost as it does now. Only more so, and with lasers. This Stinking World is the brand new single from Black Dots. It’s a song about gravity, inevitability, loss and love. It has no mass or function, only lasers.

Remixes from Kev La Kat with Notes Floats, Mr Equilibrium and Steve Cobby (Fila Brazilia) ♥






Thursday, July 19, 2012

New Release : Human Machine

Love Our Records presents Human Machine’s “Future Computer (EP)”. The ep opens with some of the heaviest 909 drum kicks, then swiftly moves up into the disco injected title track “Future Computer”. ”Be Good” is far more dark and bass heavy than you might expect. A driving beat, classic hip-hop undertones and plenty of whomp, make for an extremely unusual (yet dance-inducing) original. “I Got Love” is a summery soulful number with lots of beats, synths and bleeps. Finished of nicely with the addictive “Hangover”. Human Machine - Future Computer (EP) by Love Our Records


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Krazy Baldhead Mix-Tape

An amazing mix of from Ed Banger’s Krazy Baldhead’s of original futuristic wonderfull-ness and remixes. All lovingly put together and on free download <3


Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Beach Break Live 2012 are you ready?

 Love Our Records presents Endoflevelbaddie Vs Player One’s Level Up Ep . Hmmm, 2012 has been a good year for Endoflevelbaddie and Player One. They have most notably been Zane Lowe’s new hype! Been live on radio 1, had postings on Sb.tv, Kick Kick Snare, Dat Piff, Obscure Sound and The Hype Machine.

Before checking out the ep in full . Here is the official video for ‘The Birth To The Mask’ to start the proceedings! Enjoy <3

But when the festival season starts, it’s time to take it up a notch and joining forces as ever with Vj - Eyesaw who whips through retro delights visually and combines with computer game lovely-ness. So here is the Ep for you to download , listen, share and spread.

 This ep was made in Endoflevelbaddie’s Gaff and swiftly moved to Kev La Kat’s Studio for some fine tweaking. A solid offering from the power up crew and a exclusive remix from Human Machine tops it off nicely!

Get Your wellies packed , we’re off to Beach Break Live 2012 and Students beware because Endoflevelbaddie Live is coming to shake up your area.<3

Photo By Anna Bean

Video By Tom Rabin

Ep Artwork By La Jackson

Music By Endoflevelbaddie/PlayerOne/KevlaKat

Mesita - Free Sampler


Our love affair with all things Mesita continues. We are currently listen to and enjoying the wondefull sounds of this free sampler. Sublime textures and unique ideas, jazz scapes and all natural drums with percussive layers. Download and share

Cars Yeah!

There can never be too many tracks about cars, Yeah!? But before a prematurely finish , i should really tell you about it!

Husband’s ‘Cars Yeah!’ was made by Alan Fears and our good friend Luke Barwell (Black Dots). Rev your engine! fasten your seltbelt and get ready for the many delights of this top addition to your car stereo. Download , put on a cd and drive with a smile and lets end road rage!