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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Love Our Records party @ Blue Lamp

After three years of releasing free downloads every week on Love Our Records, we think it’s about time to party! We are hosting a night to remember, to celebrate everything we’ve achieved together with the label’s very own djs; Endoflevelbaddie, Kev La Kat, Drartz, Fast-t, MC Player One and most importantly; you!

 In three years, Love Our Records have gained over 125.000 plays online, as well as love and respect across the musical field. From Zane Lowe hosting Endoflevelbaddie and Player One’s live set on BBC Radio 1, to Huw Stephens choosing Love Our Records as his ‘Label of love’, interviewing Kev La Kat live on air. On top of that we are lucky enough to have received regular loving support from some of the best blogs in the world, like Drowned in Sound, SB.Tv, Metal Magazine, The Music Ninja and Grammy blogger; Kick Kick Snare.

On a local level, the boys have been hosting Room 2 at The Welly Club’s drum and bass night; ‘Shinobi’ for over a year now. Playing a vibrant mix of anything goes, (so long as it’s got that BASS!) they spin new, old and never-before-heard edits. Clubbers have whole heatedly joined the party and danced themselves into a beautiful sweaty mess with us all night. All of these Love Our Records’ DJs can also be found testing their skills against one another at The Residents Association, an eclectic night of the city’s best DJs all playing twenty minute sets, competing to get that dance floor bouncing at The Adelphi Club, once a month.

Love Our Records is now the proud musical home to artists all over the world, in major cities like NYC, Madrid, Austin, London and most exotically, Honolulu. But they do say ‘Home is where the heart is’, so with that in mind , we would like to have a proper party at our very own home from home, Hull’s ‘The Blue Lamp’ and invite you , to invite your friends and make this party a little bit special!

Check out Endoflevelbaddie vs Player One live on BBC Radio 1  Kev La Kat’s Mixtape Drartz’ last single ‘Soul’ Fast-T at the Blue Lamps 10 birthday party  

Date – Saturday 23 November

Door Tax : £3

Time : 11.00 – 02.30 am


Wednesday, October 31, 2012

New Release - Black Dots

 Love Our Records presents the new single from Black Dots - This Stinking World (Stuck On You).

Invisible black dots in the night sky mark out the area between here and there. Have a look now, you might be able to see them… They have no mass or function or meaning, but as you search, time will pass and you will find yourself in the future. In the future it will look and feel and smell almost as it does now. Only more so, and with lasers. This Stinking World is the brand new single from Black Dots. It’s a song about gravity, inevitability, loss and love. It has no mass or function, only lasers.

Remixes from Kev La Kat with Notes Floats, Mr Equilibrium and Steve Cobby (Fila Brazilia) ♥






Thursday, October 11, 2012 Monday, September 17, 2012

For the bass heads

Drartz is back once again with some fine dutty bass line action. The steven spielberg of bedroom disco raves has blown his speakers providing us with another 4 to the floor stomper.

Endoflevelbaddie has raised the game with a remix that adds some tasty break beats and bleeps , first dropping it at this years Beach Break Live festival to devastating effect and it is now a regular feature in his sets and everytime the crowd go nuts!

Check out more over here -> http://soundcloud.com/drartzmassive http://soundcloud.com/endoflevelbaddie

Thursday, August 2, 2012

New Release : Kev La Kat

hey there free download lovers! We think we have the purrfect idea to get your whiskers twitching this week! Love Our Record’s owner and D.J extraordinaire is dropping a double release from his back catalogue for you to get your paws into so that you can be the cats that got the cream.

'Make It Happen' Ft Sally Currie on Viola and 'Together' are subtly complex, considered and beautifully consious mixes of electro and accoustic music that should really get you feline fine!

So, stop playing cat and mouse with us and TOGETHER lets MAKE IT HAPPEN!

Two delicious treats of the week.. to miss them would be a catastophy!




Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Release : Drartz

The steven spielberg of bedroom disco raves is back with another top banger, so big it just might scare your neighbours! This time Drartz has teamed up with Player One and cut him up to the max. Big, rude and bottom heavy with four to the floor beats all the way. Get your raves hands up and shake your finger cos this is heavy. Another fine slice of dirty popping action that Drartz does best and on remixing duties is Rumble & Squeek who follow suit and keep things dirty and bass heavy!  <3

Drartz Vs. Player One - Sharpshooter and Remix by Love Our Records

Check out more dirt from Drartz at http://soundcloud.com/drartzmassive

Player One can be found working mostly working with Endoflevelbaddie over here http://soundcloud.com/endoflevelbaddie