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Monday, August 4, 2014

New Skygaze from his Endless Harvest Lp

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Love Our Records presents another cut from Skygaze’s ‘Endless Harvest’ Hours and Hours is a warm , sparkly little number that hits all the right notes. After getting to know his self released ‘Endless Harvest’ cassette properly, it’s been a real tough call to pick which tracks to feature on L.O.R, as they all sound so good. After his ‘Drowned’ being the most played tune on Love Our Records, we thought we’d pick something with those crispy drums and smooth sounds, that we know you love.

Download Skygaze’s Lp ‘Endless Harvest’ here -> https://skygaze1.bandcamp.com/album/endless-harvest 

Thursday, July 17, 2014

New - Skygaze - Shoreditch

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Love Our Records presents a new track by Skygaze. Skygaze is back in a big way , with a whole LP entitled ‘Endless Harvest’ on a self released Cassete and Bandcamp! Every beat is divine, lush and finely tuned. The one man architect of sound is always building new tracks and this simply could rock any party at the right moment. Check out ‘Endless Harvest’ here -> https://skygaze1.bandcamp.com/album/endless-harvest https://soundcloud.com/skygaze85 on Soundcloud https://www.facebook.com/skygazemusic


Monday, July 14, 2014

New Release - Lyon & Lowe

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Urban Outfitters premières the brand new single on Love Our Records by Lyon & Lowe : “Everybody Walks to the Beat of a Child.”

4000 miles and the Atlantic Ocean separate the two artists who make up Lyon & Lowe, in spite of the physical distance they are side by side in a waveform. This is only the second single from the song-writing duo. They have been consistently writing new material since joining forces in 2014 and now have amassed an album’s worth of songs. One by one we will release these little ditties and hopefully you will fall for their international charms, too. Much love and thanks to Urban Outfitters for premièring ‘EWttBoaC’ -> http://bit.ly/1seDbIt

Please Like Lyon & Lowe -> https://www.facebook.com/LyonandLowe The début single ‘Like Oedipus’ is out now on Love Our Records -> http://love-our-records.bandcamp.com/album/lyon-lowe-like-oedipus-single https://soundcloud.com/lyonandlowe on Soundcloud

Sunday, July 6, 2014

New Release - Giga Herbs - Row Your Boat

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Love Our Records presents another from New York’s “Giga Herbs”. “Row Your Boat” is another cut lifted from their long player ‘Mad Wierd’ the album is full of treasure if you love the rawer sound of Pavement, Flaming Lips and just mixed with maybe, a sprinkle of early RHCP.

Check out their album ‘Mad Wierd’ here -> http://gigaherbs.bandcamp.com/

Please like the Giga’s here too https://www.facebook.com/GigaHerbsForever

Friday, June 20, 2014

Introducing Braeden Bailey’s Syrup

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Introducing Braeden Bailey the newest artist to LOR Braeden Bailey is a member of Top Cats collective with ELzie, we must say they are a impressive group of like minded futuristic beat makers from all over the globe. This is the first track to surface from Braeden Bailey forthcoming long player ‘Heatwave’ . Syrup has been on repeat here at lor and we love those drums like dj shadow with the ghost of J dilla sounding present within his synth’s too..

Braeden Bailey On SOundcloud -> Here

Braeden Bailey on Facebook

Thursday, June 19, 2014

New Remix off Evolve’s Yo from Mr Beasley

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Love Our Records presents another fine remix from Mr Beasley Mr B has been busy chopping up the vocal delights of Evolve and Esoteric, Pumping the bass and beats to devastating effect. After suffering a massive computer failure this was the only piece that survived and we hope he gets things running again pronto, so we can share more Beasley bottom end with you .

Check out more https://soundcloud.com/mrbeasley here!

Mastered by Kev La Kat

Please like Love Our Records on Facebook -> https://soundcloud.com/loveourrecords/evolve-yo-ft-esoteric-love-our

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Release - Seabright

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Love Our Records presents “Fall For You” by Seabright We are very happy to have over 4,000 follows and much love to you all. Time for a real treat from Seabright. The California sun has really got to his head this time and he has laid down the ultimate in summer day psychedelia…. Taken from his forthcoming ‘Forest Moon’ Lp!