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Friday, May 18, 2012

Out Now : ToeKnee ChestNutt’s Chezza

¬†This Weeks release was i real tough call , but we thought we would chill it out for you and offer up this exclusive cut of ToeKnee Chestnutt’s Chezza, on sax and clarinet we have Rob McGrath , Kev La Kat discovered the amazing talents of this jazz head whilst regulary doing the sound at a local jazz jam and got him round for some recording and biscuits!

¬†Fast T slips in a coulple of cuts all on this devine beat from Kev La KAt’s more relaxed side of production featuring a riff he tapped thought-out school on his trusty bass guitar and holds up as one of his all time pesonal faves from our back Kat-A-Log! <3

Photo By Bluebeany .