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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New Release : Drartz

The steven spielberg of bedroom disco raves is back with another top banger, so big it just might scare your neighbours! This time Drartz has teamed up with Player One and cut him up to the max. Big, rude and bottom heavy with four to the floor beats all the way. Get your raves hands up and shake your finger cos this is heavy. Another fine slice of dirty popping action that Drartz does best and on remixing duties is Rumble & Squeek who follow suit and keep things dirty and bass heavy!  <3

Drartz Vs. Player One - Sharpshooter and Remix by Love Our Records

Check out more dirt from Drartz at http://soundcloud.com/drartzmassive

Player One can be found working mostly working with Endoflevelbaddie over here http://soundcloud.com/endoflevelbaddie