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Monday, February 3, 2014

New Remix from Human Machine

Love Our Records presents a cross continental cut from Human Machine. Valtzy, a producer based in Hawaii is constantly putting out sweet sounding unique jazzy tracks both futuristic and vintage sounding at the same time. “Melody Etude” caught the ear of Human Machine and seemingly felt the urge to get the parts and mangle, re-arrange and do a binary thing!

Check Out Valtzy’s Sounds -> https://soundcloud.com/valtzy Human Machine’s Soundcloud -> https://soundcloud.com/humanmachine Artwork by 嘎哦 -> www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=230434 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

New Release - Hunter Jones - Laurel

Love Our Records presents Hunter Jones’ super splendid jam ‘Laurel’…

Hunter Jones are back again with another free download so cool, its north polar bear. Using some warmer notes, imagine an early Fleetwood Mac held hostage at a summer resort led by the Mafia, forcing them play over and over, we are now close to describing Hunter Jones’ lost timeless sound that is delivered so delicately it hurts..

 But in the real world i can here myself transported to the room in Texas were the young four piece record this whilst the bass player ignores texts on his phone about ‘Who’s up 4 going 2 the bar tnght!?’ Much love , Kev La Kat x

P.s The video is in the making! ;)

Hunter Jones on Fb -> https://www.facebook.com/hunterjonesmusic Hunter Jones on Sc -> https://soundcloud.com/hunter-jones-atx

Monday, October 7, 2013

New Release - Human Machine x Tom Skelly


Love Our Records presents the next track from Human Machine and Tom Skelly. The pair have come together and wrote a song exclusively for Love Our Records. Combining the sounds of the Human’s synth bass, Tom’s guitars, Machine’s 808’s and Skelly’s lush voice. Just press play and enjoy! <3

Check out thier last release ‘Nothing On Me’ here -> Here

Tom Skelly on Soundcloud -> Here

Human Machine on Soundcloud -> Here

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

New Release - Label Owner Kev La Kat’s Dreamer

Writing words about a song you have been making for months can be more challenging than writing the music in the first place. My new song is called ‘Dreamer’ and I have driven myself temporarily insane making it , so to write about it now is also verging on madness. I made this tune with the aid of a fuzz bass guitar, my acoustic, harmonica, drum breaks, synthersisers and anything I could find to chop and loop up! Delivering a follow up to my ‘Shake The Devil’ tune has taken longer than I thought and I feel the track has come to a natural stop. I have managed to cram and pack in all the sounds I wanted and to deliver it in a (Hopefully!?) modern production. Drawing influences from 60’s pyschadelia, hip-hop/beatmakers, blog pop and indie, to make a track that I do hope people like/love and maybe just get you excited for a little more! I recorded everything at home but enlisted the help of Max Jung of ‘Cool Fun’, who handily lives down my road , to record the little bit of backwards guitar you can hear later in track. This track is about dreaming through life and being utterly obessed with sound, instruments, sonics, recording and how right now should be the time that every musician has dreamed about. But you have believe in your dream for your dreams to come true!

Vocal, all instruments and production by Kev La Kat

Check out my last single and mixtape here -> Soundcloud.com/kevlakat I love likes! -> https://www.facebook.com/KevLaKat

 Also, we are coming to the finishing stages of Loveourrecords.com. The new site introduces ‘Love Our Videos’, all our free downloads in one place, all new artist pages and lots more! We now have over 25 acts worldwide from London to NYC and Madrid to Honolulu, striving to bring you the newest music direct to your computer wherever you are and we ain’t gonna stop anytime soon!

 So please tell your family , friends and even your pets, because animals love music too! BIG love to Drartz for volunteering his time to make the site super fresh, clean and dope. 

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Release - Fast T

 Love Our Records presents the second single from 9 x DMC Finalist, Fast T! Fast T has cut up a whole heap of Biz Markie records to make this sun-filled, open-topped slab of digital wax. Scratch after scratch has been laid down in Kev La Kat’s studio and finally we can share the results. All cuts and samples by Love Our Records presents the second single from 9 x DMC Finalist, Fast T! Fast T has cut up a whole heap of Biz Markie records to make this sun-filled, open-topped slab of digital wax. Scratch after scratch has been laid down in Kev La Kat’s studio and finally we can share the results. If you missed the first single ‘Takin Out the Trash’check it out here too ..

All cuts and samples by Fast-T

Produced by Kev La Kat 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Release - Cool Fun

imageCool Fun are back with another single on Love Our Records and this is another fine example of why we love them, Sarah’s exquisite vocals and Max’s lush instrumentation wind up cuasing a barrage of sonic beauty. Dave’s finely clipped fingers provide a solid bases for a sweet but tinged love song like no other. <3


If you like the sound of this then be sure to check out Cool Fun’s House released last year on Love Our Records ->  Here

For More info on Cool Fun check out -> Www.Coolfunmusic.co.uk

Vocals - Sarah Johns -> www.sarahjohnsmusicparty.blogspot.co.uk/

Producer - Max Jung

Guitar - Dave Gough

Original photo by www.jaymoy.com

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Stroik - Desert Time


 Stroik releases his debut single on Love Our Records. We love Stroik for being himself and by arranging the most peculiar of sounds,The US singer songwriter blends vocals and instruments into his mix of 80’s 90’s and now.After delivering a demo album/mixtape dripped in broken 80’s synths, drum machines and soft vocals with vast sultry guitars Stroik is an artist with real promise for a new age twisted pop world and we also think he might win over the ladies with his gentle, charming voice. <3

Please check out his “Mixtape” entitled ‘65 &York” -> here 

 Kev La Kat has remixed his ‘In The Fresh’ tune, check it out here ->

Stroik on FB

Stroik on SC