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Monday, October 20, 2014

Introducing - Sleeping Loops on L.O.R

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Love Our Records presents an exclusive cut from Sleeping Loops.

We have found a new artist to join the Love Our Records family, introducing Sleeping Loops from Long Beach, NY. Normally, he makes instrumental guitar loops that you could dream away the day to and we love him for that. However, when we requested something new and exclusive, we were taken aback with this beautiful track with vocals from his wife, Bethany McCarthy.

 When asked where the inspiration for his music comes from, Sleeping Loops says “I have lived in Long Beach NY my whole life and I love it. It’s a small beach community only about 45 minutes away from Manhattan. I feel really lucky to have both the beach and city so close to me and I try to reflect that in the music I make”.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kev La Kat’s new track ‘Lost in a Waveform’ which completes EP No.2.22

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

I’m back with the best mix of what the old say are “not real instruments” and the young say “What is that thing!?” . Basically , anything I can muster up from around my house. I’ve been reviewing my prior singles; Keep It Tropical, Go Like This and 2.22 sessions, in order to balance the whole EP out and make everything sound as best as possible. Also, something that I have been working on all year, bit by bit, is the brand new ‘Lost In A Waveform’.

Featuring some extra drums from endoflevelbaddie’s drummer, ‘Beat Em Up’ and Melvyn Palmer, who is on devastating form of late, working wonders on any keyboard you place in front of him. I have tried to include every instrument that I own in this piece; with my trusty bass guitar, 6 string, King Piano, Rhodes, Electro- Acoustic Drums, Drum machine Samples, Synth Vsts, Acoustic piano and vocals.

I hope you enjoy this new ep and if so please help me spread the werd! =<3= 

Please support and pay what you want for the full EP No. 2.22  -> here

Kev La Kat on Soundcloud -> here

Kev La Kat on Facebook -> here 

Friday, October 10, 2014

Player One’s Taylor Typical EP

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Love Our Records presents Player One’s Taylor Typical Ep. Ebo, this ones for you! From U.k to Ghana, the fully re-worked Ep for Player One has arrived. Delivered fresh from Kev La Kat’s studio, enlisting the help of some of L.O.R’s finest player’s. Each cut samples Player One’s legendary grandad Ebo Taylor, his finest loops have been carefully selected and re vamped for your listening pleasure. The EP features brand new mixes of Who Am I, Take It Back and the all new Swear Down. So, if you like real rap music with an afro beat twist, help us spread the word.

Download all the Taylor Typical ep all here

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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Brand New Lyon & Lowe Single ‘Some People’

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Love Our Records presents Lyon & Lowe’s new single ‘Some People’. The Future pop-providers from both sides of the Alantic continue to blend their minds and are stepping up the pace to finish their yet untitled début LP for the new year!

 ’Some People’ twists and turns with stark, heavy 808 low end, tropical high end flourishes and is unusually paired with some Paul Simon-esque vocals over a refined, austere composition. After already sparking major label interest from their initial releases, we are more sure than ever that the eclectic duo have what it takes to entice beyond the underground and into the lives of their future fans. <3

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Monday, September 29, 2014

Human Machine uploads some found beats!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic 3 new tracks have appeared on Human Machine’s Soundcloud, all you have to do is press play! 

Player One’s Preview!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

We are on a mission to get 1000 likes on Facey B, help us by sharing this golden carrot!

Here is a sneeky sound bite of Player One’s next single on L.O.R “Swear Down” The last tune to sample his grandad ‘Ebo Taylor’ which will finish of this project of love, Player One’s Taylor Typical EP.
Kev La Kat has been mixing and mastering tirelessly away in his house trying to get the best results as possible, re-working the previous successes ‘Who Am I’ and ‘Take It Back’ too. After 3 years of weekly downloads, loadsa great blogs supporting us and over 200,000 plays in total, its seems unlikey we would less than a 1000 likes but we only love ‘REAL’ people and haven’t spent a penny on promo either. Cutting the fake outta the game, we promise to look after our lovers and are calling this initial wave of fans the ‘The First Timers Club’ to join all you have to do is send us a email to Loveourrecords@gmail.com and we will send you exclusive material un-published on the internet from time to time.

If we reach a milestone of 1000 likes on Facey B, We will drop the whole ‘Taylor Typical’ for your listening pleasure asap, deal!?

When your ready please like, Invite, share our page Facebook.com/loveourrecords

Monday, September 22, 2014

New Release - Skygaze’s Piece Of Mind

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Love Our Records presents Skygaze’s ‘Peace Of Mind’ The Spanish producer Skygaze is back again, producing at unstoppable rates and unquestionable quality. Continuously upping his game, he’s produced two new tracks for L.O.R. First of these, is ‘Peace Of Mind’, which comes alive in headphones with ultra-low kicks cutting through the rich textures. Providing us with fast, crisp and dirty percussion, pinned against slow, smoothe synths and lush rhodes.

  Things are hotting up at Love Our Records HQ this week as lots of exciting projects are coming to light; with Skygaze’s second release to come (this week!), Player One’s grandad-sampling ‘Taylor Typical’ Ep and Lyon & Lowe’s tropical encounter ‘Some People’ all ready to drop, so stayed tuned! 

Skygaze On Soundcloud Here

Skygaze on Facebook -> Here