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Friday, October 10, 2014

Player One’s Taylor Typical EP

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Love Our Records presents Player One’s Taylor Typical Ep. Ebo, this ones for you! From U.k to Ghana, the fully re-worked Ep for Player One has arrived. Delivered fresh from Kev La Kat’s studio, enlisting the help of some of L.O.R’s finest player’s. Each cut samples Player One’s legendary grandad Ebo Taylor, his finest loops have been carefully selected and re vamped for your listening pleasure. The EP features brand new mixes of Who Am I, Take It Back and the all new Swear Down. So, if you like real rap music with an afro beat twist, help us spread the word.

Download all the Taylor Typical ep all here

All Player One’s tracks can be found here

Kev La Kat’s productions can be found here

Monday, September 29, 2014

Player One’s Preview!

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Here is a sneeky sound bite of Player One’s next single on L.O.R “Swear Down” The last tune to sample his grandad ‘Ebo Taylor’ which will finish of this project of love, Player One’s Taylor Typical EP.
Kev La Kat has been mixing and mastering tirelessly away in his house trying to get the best results as possible, re-working the previous successes ‘Who Am I’ and ‘Take It Back’ too. After 3 years of weekly downloads, loadsa great blogs supporting us and over 200,000 plays in total, its seems unlikey we would less than a 1000 likes but we only love ‘REAL’ people and haven’t spent a penny on promo either. Cutting the fake outta the game, we promise to look after our lovers and are calling this initial wave of fans the ‘The First Timers Club’ to join all you have to do is send us a email to Loveourrecords@gmail.com and we will send you exclusive material un-published on the internet from time to time.

If we reach a milestone of 1000 likes on Facey B, We will drop the whole ‘Taylor Typical’ for your listening pleasure asap, deal!?

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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Ebo Talyor Live .. Player One News

Ebo Taylor live by worldwidefestival

Here is our Player One’s Granddad doing what he does best!! Check out ‘Who Am I” which samples Ebo’s ‘Heaven’ . We will be releasing Player One’s next single ‘Swear Down’ very soon which will be the final track from his ‘Taylor Typical’ Ep on L.O.R <3 

Saturday, June 7, 2014

New Mix Of Player One’s Straight Rap

Image and video hosting by TinyPic Love Our Records presents a ‘Gold Mix’ of Player One’s latest release…….

Words and delivered by Player One aka Nigel Taylor

Bass Guitar, Arranged & Produced by Kev La Kat

Cuts by Fast-T

Additional Keys by Melvyn Palmer

A Love Our Records Production

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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Player One’s “Take It Back (To Straight Rap)”

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Love Our Records presents Player One’s new single, “Take It Back (To Straight Rap)”. The follow up to ‘Who Am I!?’ picks up where we left off, sampling another from Ebo Taylor’s rich musical catalouge. This time Player One and Kev La Kat enlist the help of Lor’s finest, Fast-t, Melvyn Palmer, Beat Em Up and Endoflevelbaddie to take the sonic level up a knotch. Limited to 100 free downloads on soundcloud and then its ‘Pay What You Want’ from Bandcamp complete with the instrumental -> https://love-our-records.bandcamp.com/album/player-one-take-it-back-to-straight-rap

"So if you like rap but all you hear is over hyped tracks, ask for your money back and take it back to straight rap"


If you need more than make you have heard ‘Who Am I!?’ too

Monday, December 23, 2013

Remix - Player One’s Who Am I!?

Love Our Records presents a brand new version of the début solo single from ‘Player One’.

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Player One - Who Am I

Love Our Records presents the début solo single from ‘Player One’.

Player One aka Nigel Taylor has kept his musical heritage close to his chest, when intially working with electro act Endoflevelbaddie.
As time passed, with more and more meetings with label owner Kev La Kat , the truth unfolded.
"Yeah my grandad is an Afro Beat artist in Ghana, called Ebo Taylor!" Said Player One down the phone.
“WHAttt!?” i replied , gob-smacked to how this had never come up in previous conversation.

For those of you that dont know, a quick wiki check will tell you .. “Ebo Taylor is a Ghanaian guitarist, composer, arranger, bandleader, and producer.
His music combines Afro-Beat and funk rhythms to create his own recognizable sound in the ’70s” and still to this day he is gigging all over the world.

Then Nigel sent me a half finished demo of “Who Am I” which he had started with Dj Cable and had never been finished.
The tune initially excited me and felt that it honestly portrayed Nigel’s story whilst incorporating his Granddad’s music in a warm, fun way. So we set to work, re-sampling Ebo’s great grooves and adding sub bass , with 909’s and a break. Whilst Nigel set about writing the second verse.

Seems like a long time in the making but well worth the wait! <3

Official launch party 24/05/2013 with Player One, Endoflevelbaddie, Kev La kat, Drartz and Vj Eye Saw -> Here

Vocals By Player One aka Nigel Taylor

Contains a sample used from Ebo Taylor’s “Heavan”

Produced By Kev La Kat for Love Our Records